Terms & Conditions For The Use Of Our Tracks

  • Low Hunsley tracks can be viewed on our website
  • www.lowhunsleylivery.co.uk. Please follow these tracks carefully and respect the Country Code. No deviations from these routes are permitted.
  • Any person found riding the tracks without payment will be asked to leave immediately and may be prosecuted. Please do not abuse these facilities. 
  • Shooting Game. Shooting takes place around the farm from mid September to the end of January. To avoid upset when you hear shooting or see the shooting party, please either change course or wait until the shooting party moves on and it is safe to continue. Regretfully it is impossible to advise members of the exact location of the shooting although dates can be issued on request. 
  • Riders are please asked to report any accidents, damage to any jumps or other property on the farm, to enable us to keep up our standards of health & safety and careful maintenance. 
  • A first Aid kit is located at the main livery yard within the main range of buildings.
  • Although we have attempted to make the course as safe as possible, Low Hunsley Farm cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury to riders, horses or their property. We recommend that riders inspect jumps at all times. 
  • Approved Hard Hats and body protectors must be worn when riding and riders are advised to ride in pairs. 
  • Mobile phones must be carried for contact or emergencies services if required. Our contact numbers are 07980871609 or 07889410928
  • The course is open every day. We do however reserve the right to close any parts of the course due to poor conditions. 
  • Cyclist are not allowed on the course, however, to accompany a loan rider, special permission may be granted with prior permission.
  • Dogs are allowed on the course, but they must be kept on a lead at all times and please clean up after them.
  • Riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • The owners of the tracks have the right to ask all riders for identification at any time. 
  • All riders using the obstacles must be of a competent riding ability and all horses must be healthy and of sound condition and able to deal with the demands of the course. 
  • Horse boxes and vehicle are parked at owners own risk. 
  • Anyone found to not be following these terms and conditions or that have not paid their fee will be asked to leave the course immediately.

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